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Venetian Blind

Venetian Blind

These are special types of blinds that provide maximum and highest level of privacy. We insure awesome designs and provide different materials out of which these are being made. You can ask for vinyl, aluminum, faux wood as well as real wood. We do provide teak wood as well as sheasam that are quite popular in India. We have all kind of kind of blinds and they are being made from various kinds of woods. We use faux wood as well as real wood. We do provide all kind of Indian woods and make some of the awesome designs out of that. We have slats that are also being called the louvers. The size of the louvers decides the type of blinds. We provide awesome sizes of louvers. These louvers insure blinds provide the best level of privacy. They provide maximum safety as well as privacy. You can just open it and see through to check who are standing outside.

You pull up and push down the louvers and finally open the blind for allowing the sunlight. Meanwhile you need to make sure that you stop dust as well as dust particles to enter inside the room. Your room is going to look most awesome and that will insure proper ventilation in room as well. faux wood is quite cheap and is imported by us from United States. Sheasam and Mahogany still are the most expensive woods. Mahogany is being imported from United States as well. You can select any of the designs and our sales executives are equally capable for providing best level of information regarding all kinds of blinds available.

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